HD Video Tours

It’s no secret that video, web presence and mobile platforms are the keys to your real estate success in the future. Rockbait wants to help take you to the next level. We specialize in creating custom High Definition 1080p real estate videos. We use the latest high end camera equipment, wide angle lenses, drones, a 3 axis gimbal ensures smooth footage and premium editing software to create a custom video for you!  Whether you are marketing a beautiful home, hotel, resort, commercial property, retail, or residential development, we can help.

Enhance your HD video tour with one (or more) of our custom ‘add-on’ options! Additional costs may apply.

  • Drone/aerial footage added to video tour
  • Highlight unique features with an automated info box
  • Community amenities added to video tour
  • Branded social media video
  • Realtor 3D logo/graphic can be added to video (if available)
  • Emailed file available upon request
  • Videos will be uploaded to a Vimeo player & Rockbait’s YouTube channel

From: $300.00

  • Are you ordering HD Video in combination with a photo package (interior/exterior still shots)?

    *Please select SqFt

    Aerial/Drone Footage

    Would you like to add aerial/drone footage of the exterior to your video? $100.00

    Neighborhood Amenities

    Would you like to include video footage of the neighborhood amenities? $75.00 for up to 3 area's.

    *Requested Area's

    Social Media Video

    Would you like a shortened, 1 minute video with Realtor info to post on your social media platforms $75.00

    Info Box

    Highlight key features throughout your video with automated info boxes. Examples include: recent updates, new pool, secret room(s). $5.00/each


    • 5 $

    Emailed Video File

    Videos will be loaded to a Vimeo player & Rockbait's YouTube channel. Would you like a free video file emailed to you?

    3D Company Logo Option

    A 3D graphic with your company logo can be added to your video. If you have a 3D graphic, please up load here. Please note: per HAR, logo can not include name(s), phone number(s) nor any other type of direct contact information other than the Broker.

    • (max file size 32 MB) $

    *Property Information


    Please select from one of the options below

    *Date Requested



    *CBS code for Supra

    Instructions for obtaining Call-Before-Showing (CBS) Code:

    Go to www.supraekey.com and log into SupraWeb:

    • Click the listings tab
    • On the left there is an area labeled Quick Links
    • Click the keybox under Quick Links
    • Select the supra serial # that is associated with the property
    • CBS code (7 digits) will be listed 

    *Is the home occupied or vacant?

    *Is the home in a gated community?

    *Gate Code

    *Is there an alarm at the home?

    *Alarm code & location of keypad

    Please include the code to disarm when arriving and code to re-arm when leaving.