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24/7 Virtual Tours

Potential buyers can take a look around without stepping foot in the home.

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You won’t have to deal with unnecessary tours of the home because buyers can look through the house online before coming into the home.

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Matterport virtual tours take away the need to have several open houses.

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Seamless Pictures

The Matterport system puts single pictures into a seamless tour.

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    What is Matterport?

    Matterport is a state-of-the-art 3D photography program that scans your home or commercial building for real estate sales. The camera takes panoramic scans of the interior of the building for sale. The program then puts all of these scans together to produce a virtual tour of the property.

    Using the Matterport system puts people who are selling their home in a position that enables to show the true interior of the home. This is a great aspect of the Matterport!

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    How do you price 3D virtual tours?

    Matterport virtual tours are priced based on the square footage. This lets us ensure that you get the best pictures possible for your property. We can give you a quote ahead of time so that you know exactly how much you need to budget for the virtual tour.

    We can also use the Matterport camera for the exterior of homes and buildings; our Matterport camera will allow us to create a 360 view rather than a 3D view, which is also visible throughout the interior.

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    How can a 3D Matterport virtual tour help me sell my property?

    A 3D Matterport virtual tour lets prospective buyers see the entire interior of your home/property without having to make an appointment. It is like having an open house 24 hours per day, seven days per week. People who are interested in your property can look all around while they are in their own home. If they like what they see, they can contact you or the Realtor for an in-person tour.

    Another good point to the Matterport tour is that it lets people who are buying long distance see the interior of the home. This means that you are increasing your customer base simply by offering the virtual tour.


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    "So excited to tell you the new Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, Sunset Photography and Aerials sold my listing without the buyers ever setting foot in the home! The buyers purchasing the house are relocating from Alaska. The wife saw the home online as suggested by her realtor and fell in love. However, her husband was on a Moose Hunt in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness and completely unreachable…..true story! After being on the market only 10 days we had to set a Monday afternoon deadline for best and final offers as there were four strong competing offers in hand! Each of the prospective buyers who physically toured the home said the ability to “walk through the house” with the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour while they discussed the purchase in the privacy of their home is what sold them. Long story short, the Moose Hunter returned, saw the incredible photos and Matterport 3D Virtual Tour on Sunday evening, was able to understand the value of the home and put in a full price offer of $700,000 therefore securing the purchase without physically touring the home. Thank you so much for our incredible talent and exceptional service! You have a client for life!"

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    "I've used Rockbait since they first started the business & I have to say the entire team makes it easy for me to look like a first class professional to both my seller's & prospective buyer's! Before that I was taking my own pictures & staying up until all hours of the night creating my own brochures. Rockbait is easy to schedule with, always reliable, very affordable & their photos are superior to anything I've seen! I especially love the virtual tour they put together! I wouldn't know what to do without them!!"

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