Preparing Your Home

Our Guide for Real Estate Professionals & Homeowners

By hiring Rockbait Photo Tours you have taken one big step towards getting your home sold more quickly! Our professional staff want your photos and home to look its best. We have created a short list of “to-do’s” to consider before we arrive at the home.

We generally schedule 30 to 45 min. per home and want to use this time to photograph rather than stage and declutter. We don’t mind moving some things around if necessary, but if we can spend our time taking great photos you will get better results. We don’t want to lose sight of what we are there to do.

Curb Appeal- Exterior

Please remove all vehicles from the driveway, ensure all grass is cut and edged, fresh mulch, power wash stains, trim up trees, pick up toys, rake leaves, remove trash cans, roll up water hoses, sweep patios and porches, remove animal food bowls.


Declutter, i.e. pick up and put away toys, put away all personal belongings, remove unnecessary items from counter tops and ledges, ensure all light bulbs work, clean windows, vacuum and mop all floors, make beds, put boxes and other unnecessary items in garage.


Remove all unnecessary items from countertops, remove all shampoo’s and soaps from view, remove toothbrush’s, blow dryers, bath towels, rugs, put toilet seats down and clean mirrors.


Put away dishes, food boxes, hand towels, high chairs, clean off refrigerator (top and face), put away unnecessary appliances, sponges, soaps, etc.

If possible, please turn on all lights and open all blinds prior to photographers arrival.