Common Questions

Answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to cancel my appointment and Rockbaits photographer showed up at the home? Or Photograher showed up and the home and it was a complete mess and not ready for photos?

There will be $50 fee for the trip.

Part 2 - If the home is not ready at all we will call you and ask if you want us to take it or wait. There will be a $50 fee if we don't take the photos.

I need to cancel or change the day of my photo shoot?

Please call 281-815-2004 Mon-Friday or email anytime.

My sellers want a copy of the pictures, can I get a copy?

Yes, Just place an order for a CD on our website and we'll send them a CD?

How far in advance do I need to make my appointment?

We would like 4-5 days, But many times we have available spots within in a day or two. Please just check our website out, click orer now and on the top of the page you will see our next avalible.

Do you take Realtor Headshots?

Yes, we can do outdoor style headshots.

Do you travel all over?

We do travel all over Houston, Conroe, Katy etc.. Additional trip fees will apply for homes that are more than 51 miles roundtrip from... 10605 Grant Road, Suite 108; Houston TX 77070 Zone Map

I have a home over 1.5 million, 7500 sqft etc… Do the same prices apply?

Square Foot Fees: Due to time and photos taken, additional fees will apply for acreage properties and homes over 5000 sqft. This is just a general basis to go by/starting price; additional fees may apply for more expensive homes. Example, you might have a 4 million dollar 5000sqft home additional fees will be determined by the photographer. In that case please give us a call to discuss pricing and scheduling.  

5000-6000sqft - $25
6000-7000sqft - $50
7000-8000sqft - $75

Do you have a supra key?

We have one photogrpaher with a Supra Key, the others will need someone to be at the home for the photo shoot.

What’s your turnaround time to complete everything?

If your listing is active the day after we take the photos, we will typically have photos ready to upload in 24 hours. Tours and other items will be completed between 24-72 hours.

What do we need to do to prepare the home prior to photographers arrival?

Make sure you are familar with our "Guide for Preparing Home for Photography" and review it with the homeowners prior to their scheduled appointment.

Do I receive the photos by email when I order a package?

You must order a weblink ($20) or a cd ($25) and we will send them to you. Weblink will be emailed the day after the photos are taken and cd's will be delivered or mailed within 3-7 days.

How do I make a payment for a phone or email order?

You can pay at under the order/payment tab. Just choose order or making payment, fill out all neccesary info and choose your items. Or mail check to address that is on your invoice.