Serving the greater Houston metro area, Rockbait Photo Tours has been a trusted source for Real Estate Photography and Marketing Solutions since 2007. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the top firms in the city by delivering high quality products and exceptional service using a unique system that makes the entire process quick and easy for our customers.

We always do the best work that we possibly can for you, and we give your clients the same respect you would. We know that your experience with us will be one that you love because if you and your clients are happy, then we are happy!

“ My family and I are so blessed to have created this amazing business and with us, you will never be taken for granted. We know that the very heart of our success is the great relationships we’ve formed with our clients over the years. Our customers constantly refer new business to us, and we are so appreciative of them.”

Aaron Raney

Owner, Rockbait Photo Tours

Our Team – Responsive, Talented and There for You

From the office support team to our professional photographers and graphic designers, Rockbait has been very fortunate to find talented individuals who care as much as we do about making this business work for you.

We are known for being responsive and timely with a laser focus on the details. As a group of specialists, we work together with a collaborative approach to ensure our clients get the best results. Each team member is committed to providing extraordinary customer service and adept at working with you to accommodate any special needs you may have, no matter how small.

Our professional photographers are personally trained by Aaron Raney, a highly-skilled photographer with expertise in residential and commercial real estate who has the “know how” to tell a home’s story with pictures and present it in the best light possible.

We take our work very seriously at Rockbait, and with years of experience, we’re very good at what we do. In fact, we love what we do and enjoy helping our clients succeed.

We would be honored and proud to be a part of your real estate team!

Our History – We’re One of You

Aaron Raney started Rockbait Photo Tours in 2007 to do what he loves most, take gorgeous photographs. At the time Aaron was a real estate agent himself, but he saw an opportunity to combine his two passions, real estate and photography, into a service that would focus on helping other agents. His understanding of what it means to be an “agent” has always been a guide as he sought to not only provide excellent photographs, but continually streamline the process for his clients.

Aaron fully grasped the impact of our digital lifestyles and understood the time pressure agents were under if they hoped to stay competitive in a market where speed and a terrific online presence were a necessity. The industry had moved beyond just HAR.

He developed a systemized approach and back-end solutions that gave agents the tools to easily display quality photographs and marketing materials online across multiple media platforms as well as in print. By offering this turnkey solution, Rockbait became the “go to” firm for agents seeking convenience and a friendly team they could depend on along with great photography of course.

What does Rockbait mean?

You’re probably wondering where the name “Rockbait” came from? In today’s world, where most names are already taken, some “out of the box” thinking was called for. Aaron turned to his 8 year-old son, Cade, for help in finding a name for his new company. Cade took the challenge, thought about it awhile and came back with, “How about Rockbait?” If Google and Zillow could make up new words, why not us!! Of course, that name wasn’t taken and Rockbait Photo Tours was born.