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  • 360 Exterior Views
  • Dollhouse Views
  • Special Offer on Floor Plans

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    *IF YOU WOULD LIKE FIRST AVAILABLE OR IF YOUR PREFERRED DATE IS NOT AVAILABLE - please make a note of the preferred/earliest date the home will be ready in the section for special requests on the checkout page. A TEAM MEMBER WILL CONTACT YOU IF A SOONER APPOINTMENT BECOMES AVAILABLE

    *Residential Pricing


    Provide viewers with key information as they move through the home. Highlight unique features, specific finishes, and upgrades, or emphasize custom details. See example here

    *Floor Plans - Special Offer $30

    Save $10 when you purchase floor plans with the Luxury package. Floor plans are auto-generated from the 3D tour.  Please allow up to an additional 24-72 hours for the floor plans to be processed. Floor plans are not to be used for exact measurements. See example here

    *Image Retrieval

    *Exterior Photo Enhancements

    Increase your online curb appeal! Includes blue skies, grass repair/replacement, and other exterior enhancements. Starting at $35


    Exterior photo enhancements can take up to an additional 24 hours to be completed. Original exterior photos can be used in the meantime and later updated with enhanced exterior photos once they're ready. 

    Example of Exterior Photo Enhancements

    Move the yellow slider left/right to compare the before and after images.

    After After
    Before Before

    *Day-to-Dusk (Sunset) Enhancements

    Sunset photography is very popular when marketing a property. Cost-effective & convenient, Rockbait can transform your daytime exterior images to look as if the property were photographed during twilight hours.  $15/per image.


    How many images would you like enhanced as day-to-dusk photos? Day-to-dusk enhancements can take up to an additional 24 hours to be completed. 

    Day-to-Dusk Example

    Move the yellow slider left/right to see the before and after images. 

    After After
    Before Before