Photo Packages

Beautiful photographs are the first thing a potential buyer will view as well as being the foundation of all other marketing materials. They can generate interest or cause a buyer to reject what could be a great property.

  • High quality and high resolution
  • Photos available next day
  • Size-ready for print and online
  • Optimized for HAR and all websites
  • Ask our staff if you need quantity recommendation (based on sq. ft.)

From: $145.00

  • Date Requested:

    Please click on an available date on the calendar above. Thank you! 

    *If requesting AARON as a photographer - NO AVAILABILITY on Friday, 12/1/23, and Tuesday, 12/5/23.

    *IF DATE IS UNAVAILABLE - please make note of the preferred/earliest date the home will be ready for photos when you get to the checkout page - there is a text box for appointment notes/requests. SOMEONE FROM OUR OFFICE WILL CONTACT YOU IF A SOONER APPOINTMENT BECOMES AVAILABLE

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    *Photo Package

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    *Exterior Photo Enhancements

    Increase your online curb appeal: Includes blue skies, green grass, and other exterior enhancements. Starting at $35.


    Exterior photo enhancements can take up to an additional 24 hours to be completed.

    Exterior Photo Enhancement Example

    Move yellow slider left/right to compare before and after image.

    *Day to Dusk Exterior Enhancements

    Sunset photography is very popular when marketing a property. Cost-effective & convenient, Rockbait can transform your day time exterior images to look as if the property were photographed during twilight hours. Priced $15/per image.


    Day to Dusk Example

    Move yellow slider left/right to compare before and after image.