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High-quality prints

Our paper brochures are printed on sturdy card stock with a professional semi-gloss finish.

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Choice of brochures

You can choose a package of printed brochures, an e-flyer, or a combination of both.

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Custom designed

You won't have to make the brochure information and pictures fit into some silly template.

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Cost effective

All of our brochures and e-flyers are cost effective, and we offer bulk pricing that some people enjoy.

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    Do you print real estate flyers or just specialize in e-flyers?

    We offer print real estate flyers and e-flyers. By providing you with a comprehensive package, we enable you to have the best of both options. Real estate flyers serve very important purposes. They let prospective buyers know more about the home, even if you aren't there to let them know the finer details of the property.

    E-flyers make your home appear more appealing to buyers online. These can be sent to email addresses as a reply to an inquiry about your property. They can also be used to advertise the property on social media websites. A link to the brochure could be placed in a post, tweet, snap, or other status messages.

    We do offer discounts for bulk prints. All of our brochures are printed on high-quality card stock with a semigloss finish. Having printed brochures available to take from your home is a great in-hand reminder fro a prospective buyer.

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    What is your turnaround time on providing flyers and brochures?

    Upon receiving your order, the proofing process begins the next business day. Once the photos are avialable, we will create the first draft of the brochure and email the proof to the customer for approval. At that time, if the proof is ready to print as-is, we will begin the printing stages. Once printed, the final copies are then mailed; the standard mailing-delivery time is 3-5 days.

    You can choose also choose to print the brochures yourself. In this case, we would provide you with a copy of the final brochure for printing.

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    Do you offer different e-flyer pricing between commercial and residential properties?

    Our prices are the same for residential and commercial brochures. We do offer bulk pricing for brochures and flyers so you can maximize the advertising budget for your property.

    We understand that the brochures you provide for your property have to reflect the quality of the home or property you are selling. We use high-quality materials and focus on the overall appeal of the brochure to ensure that your home is accurately represented.


  • Rockbait Photo Tours

    "We have been using Rockbait Photo Tours for all of our listings for the last few years – probably well over 100 photo shoots! Rockbait’s photos are crisp, clear and show our homes in the best possible light. Scheduling is easy and timely and the company always tries to meet our special needs. If we request re-shoots or re-touches, the Rockbait staff is very accommodating. We couldn’t be happier with a better Real Estate partner."

    Mark & Catherine Ellis
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  • Rockbait Photo Tours

    "We have been using Rockbait exclusively for the last four years. We love the owner, Aaron, he is a fabulous photographer and an awesome guy on top of that! Their office staff is friendly, efficient and professional, and they always try to work with our schedule whether it is to squeeze clients in or to work with clients' schedules that can only do photos during a certain time of the day! Their online ordering system is quick and easy! They always produce quality work, gorgeous photos, and lovely tours with pretty backgrounds and music! They can also take stunning night time shots with glowing lights, and amazing aerial photographs showing all a home has to offer! If we ever have a problem with any of the photos, which is rare, they are quick to respond and make it right, even if it means stopping back by to retake a couple of rooms or retake the outside if the weather did not cooperate the first time! Our team highly recommends Rockbait, and we wouldn't use anyone else!"

    Clint & Amy Nabors
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